Irrigation and Sprinkler

Irrigation and Sprinkler

We live in a desert so it seems a little obvious to point out that irrigation is the key element to the survival of your landscape, however you would be amazed at how many people put off calling a qualified landscaper to come out and check or repair their irrigation. Faulty irrigation will result in wasted water and wasted plant material.

Spray Irrigation

Spray irrigation is your typical sprinkler head spraying water over your grass to keep it alive. Spray irrigation causes a lot of waste and in some instances damage. The water is shot into the area and the direction it travels in is dictated by the nozzle in the sprinkler head, however on a windy day the water can be easily blown in the direction of the wind. Water is a solvent and when it consistently comes in contact with concrete or stucco it will cause deterioration over time.

Over spray is another issue with spray irrigation, over spray is caused when the nozzle is too large for the spot it was designed for and it sprays over and past the grass. Over spray is a main cause of water waste as it is not delivering the water to where it was intended, a quick adjustment or replacement of this inexpensive part can save a lot of water.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation consists of poly tubing and emitter heads the water drips out of the emitter heads so that the water can drain down directly to the roots of the plant where it will do the most good. Drip irrigation is easily controlled and directed it is delivered at a predetermined rate and can be consistently delivered to the plant. Drip irrigation uses a lot less water and this is why it has become so popular in this era of water conservation. Irrigation is like any system over time it may begin to break down there may be a problem with a valve or the timer and there can always be issues with sprinkler heads and blown emitter heads.

We have hard water here in the Ls Vegas valley area and the water deposits may build up in your drip irrigation system causing a drop in water pressure or a drop in the amount of water to the plants. Your irrigation should be reevaluated from time to time as it may need to be partially replaced or adjusted to meet the requirements of your plants as they grow and mature.

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